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A Matter of Voice is designed to help singers and speakers take their voices to new levels! Experienced vocalist and teacher, Ariane Leanza Heinz, guides you through more than 20 exercises using an easy “stretch-breathe-warm-awaken-open” approach. Once you’ve mastered the techniques, you can establish a regimen using 5 suggested weekly routines. Your voice matters—make it work for you!






A spiritual traveller, entrepreneur, designer, and business owner, Ariane Leanza Heinz is also a licensed music educator. She grew up in Geneva, Switzerland, where she completed her piano and pedagogy studies at the Conservatory of Music. In 2000, she moved to New York City to perfect her vocal talents with Dr. Riley (well known for his work with Céline Dion). There she also took on roles as a studio owner, vocal coach, concert organizer, and band manager. In June 2010, Ariane and her young family returned to the Zürich area. She is a well-known vocal coach in Switzerland and works with performing artists like Bastian Baker.


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