Work With Me

I am, Ariane Leanza Heinz, a licensed music educator.

I grew up in Geneva, where I completed my piano and pedagogy studies at the Conservatory of Music. 
I moved to New York in the year 2000 to perfection myself in the art of singing with Dr Riley (well known for his work with Céline Dion).

Owning my vocal studio in New York city, beside my vocal coaching, I took a few roles as concert organizers, booking concerts or managing bands.

I came back to Switzerland, in the Zürich area, in June 2010 with my family. I am a Mom of 3 girls, 2 cats and a dog.

I have worked with performing artists like Bastian BakerArika KaneScott IrribarraRon PopeMatt SimonsAudrey CampbellAl Pride, etc. (More about me here)

 Vocal coaching & Artists Coaching (see my coaching website)

What Are the Benefits of Taking Vocal Classes?

Clear and specific warm ups for your concerts
  • Preparing songs for your recording sessions
  • Prevention on losing your voice or getting sick
  • Improving your voice’s well-being

Who Are My Clients?

  • Songwriters
  • Musicians
  • Public speakers
  • Aspiring singers
  • People who just wanna learn how to sing for the heck of it

My Philosophy

As unique as your fingerprint is your voice.

As unique you are, is your voice.

There is a way to your voice, to your inner truth, to your inner world.

I respect the sound and style of each client/student. For each session, I listen to your voice and your songs. I prepare a specific program, you’ll get specific exercises made for your voice, respecting it, while also challenging it and helping it get the best out of it.

See what my clients say about me here: review page.

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