Stéphanie Massolin, December 21st 2016 “Chère Ariane, encore bravo pour toute cette organisation et tes jolis choix de chansons, Maxence et moi avons passé un très bon moment pendant tout le concert qui est passé trop vite! Merci aussi pour l’opportunité que tu offres aux enfants de monter sur scène.”

” Dear Ariane, again congratulations for this whole organisation and the very nice choice of songs, Maxence and I have spent a very nice time during the whole concert which went much too fast! Thank you also for the opportunity of being on stage that you give the children.”

Fatima El Arbaoui maman d’Eva Donati (a Student Mother), December 2016
¨Merci pour ce beau moment, nous avons adoré ce concert. Tous les jeunes  artistes étaient talentueux et certaines parties étaient franchement émouvantes, notamment ce jeune garçon à la voix exceptionnelle. Les jeunes filles étaient aussi formidables. Et Eva a chanté!! merci pour l’avoir encouragée.
Bravo encore pour ce beau concert si sobre et sans prétention et pourtant tellement riche en emotions.¨
¨Thank you for this beautiful moment, we loved the concert. All the young artists had talent and some parts were really filled with emotions, especially this young man with hie exceptional voice. The girls were also great! And my daughter Eva sang! thank you for your encouragement. Congratulations again for this simple and humble concert, but so filled with emotions.¨
Maëlys Lavaud-Moreau, June 2016 “Je voudrais te dire merci pour m’avoir appris à m’ouvrir, à avoir moins de stress, à donner le meilleur de moi-même, c’est à toi que je le dois, merci pour tout surtout pour m’avoir conseillé dans le fait de m’améliorer. Maintenant c’est grâce à toi que je pourrai monter sur la scène le 17 juin et pour bien d’autres dates j’espère…Grâce à toi mes grands-parents viendront pour la première fois à l’un de mes concerts de chant et j’attends avec impatience cette date où nous (tous les élèves) pourrons montrer ce que tu nous as appris. encore merci pour tout.”
“I wish to thank you because your taught me how to open myself, to have less stress, to give the best of myself, I owe it to you, I also have to thank you for so much progress I made. Thanks to you I will be able to go on stage on June 17th and at many other occasions I hope. Thanks to you my gran-parents will come for the first time at one of my singing concert and I am so looking forward to it. We will show what we have learned in your classes.”
Hannah Schiffner, May 2016 “Ariane est un prof très sympa et toujours joyeuse. Elle apprend super bien le chant et donne de très bon cours. Elle nous met en confiance. Je vous la conseille en tant que prof de chant.”

“Ariane is a very nice teacher and always joyful. She teaches singing really well and gives great classes. She gives confidence. I recommend her as a singing coach.”

Tamara Schön, November 2012 “ Ariane is just amazing. She’s not only helping me to develop and improve my voice, she’s supporting me in everything I am and everything I do. She guides me to become better human by learning how to appreciate all the skills I have, even the ones which none except her has recognized yet. I’m proud to call a friend of mine.”

Audrey Campbell, recording artist, November 2012 “ ♥ you’re an amazing person and a wonderful vocal teacher 🙂 you’ve definitely helped me to find out who I am as a musician. You are like family to me and I’m very lucky to have you in my life ♥ xoxo “ 

Steffi Oswald, Student, November 2012 „Mein Traum war es, eine voluminösere und kräftigere Stimme
 zu haben, als ich bisher hatte. Ariane hat mir gezeigt, dass es nicht beim Traum bleiben muss. Ihre Stimmübungen und ihr Singunterricht lassen meinen Traum mehr und mehr zur Realität werden.“

„My dream was to have a more voluminous and stronger voice 
then I had so far. Ariane has shown me that it doesn`t have to stay with the dream. Her vocal exercises and her singing lessons make my dream more and more a reality.”

Arika Kane, Recording Artist, June 2010 ” Your vocal lesson truly brightened my days, because of your beautiful spirit <3 it was such a pleasure to meet you. You have so much to give to the world. I hope to continue our friendship.”

Sara Pajor, 21 years old, January 26 2009 “I have been a student of Ariane’s for three years now and I’ve never learned so much in my whole 15yrs of performing as I have under her teaching in three years. She’s taught me to harness my strengths and control my voice like I never thought I could do before. Overall, Ariane has not only been my vocal coach, she’s been my mentor, as well as my friend. I highly recommend Ariane for anyone who wants to progress their singing career or even start up a hobby.”

James Spellos, December 15 2008  “And the reason for that is that my band, Contraband, has just finished recording our first CD, “Welcome to the Neighborhood”. We not only did all the recording, but I produced & engineered it. Everything done by the band. I would love to send you a copy of the finished product (ok, there are one or two glitches on it, but we’re still proud of it), as you are a huge reason why this CD could be made, considering I sing on almost all of the songs. And that wouldn’t have been possible without your great teaching.Wishing you the most wonderful of holidays. Thanks for having been a huge part of my musical development.”

Cara Motowidlo, June 2010 “Ariane has been a true source of inspiration throughout my vocal studies.  With her beside me, every lesson is a little milestone.”

Natascia Simone, June 2010 “My name is Natascia Simone and I am 14 years old. I have been working with Ariane for about 2 years and I enjoy it very much. I go to the songwriting and voice group lessons every week. We prepare for the 4 concerts we have a year, which are a great way to gain self-confidence, presentation skills, and what you love to do (singing) all together! The classes and recitals are very fun and you learn alot from them as well. Ariane is a great teacher and has taught me so much. My voice has improved in a wide range since I have been working with her. She is awesome!”

Sonia Agli, 8 years old, 2009 “My name is Sonia Agli and I am 8 years old. I love music and I am always singing. Ariane is a great teacher and  I am learning a lot from her. I always look forward to my weekly lessons. You are the best singing teacher in the world!”

Lauren Guadagnini 18 years old, 2008 “I have been a student of Ariane Leanza Heinz for over 3 years now. My voice has expanded in range, power, and general sound. She has been teaching me how to make my voice flow more and it has helped me out a great deal. With her, I was able to get on stage and sing in front of people for the first time, and from there, I just got more brave, and more comfortable with my voice. I will continue to work with her because she is a great teacher and friend. I recommend her to anyone who is serious about singing, or just enjoys it for a hobby.”

Afrah J. Ali, student, Singer, Songwriter – New York, NY, 2003 
“I highly recommend Ariane Leanza as a vocal instructor. 
From the very beginning stages of our study together I noticed a positive change in my voice. Working with Ariane has been a great pleasure. She has helped me to recognize things positive and negative in my singing that I could have never identified alone and made me feel more confident in my abilities. Her methods are very natural, effective and absolutely fun. I was surprised many times to open my mouth and hear the grand sounds being made were mine. I have freely and painlessly explored my highest vocal range with guidance from Ariane and it has even helped my songwriting. I would love very much to continue working with Ariane periodically in the future and would recommend her to anyone looking to improve their singing, songwriting, and overall confidence.ˇ

Isabel Martinez, student, salsa singer, recording artist, 2003
 “My dearest Ariane is best vocal coach in the world!ˇ

Daira DelVecchio, student, pop singer, 18 years old, 2002
 “Ariane is just the best vocal coach in the world, I can not describe how many good things she did for me.¨